Eating while Experimenting

It has been a busy month of cooking and trying new recipes! It all started when I went back home for my friend’s wedding – my mom is a huge baker and we started making it a tradition on the weekends to bake bread or a dessert when I still lived there. Since I was home to visit, it was time to get cooking!

A few weeks later, my baking senses were tingling – I attempted a more difficult bread from the Paul Hollywood cookbook, but sadly, it did not go to plan.. BUT I already knew how to bake soda bread (thanks mom!) so I made one on my own 🙂

Nathan has also gotten into watching Bake Off and I wanted to try the tough bread again, so we took on the challenge! It is a rye and ale loaf with oats on top – and as you can see below.. SUCCESS!

The last fun cooking I have done recently was through Blue Apron. I received a coupon and thought I would try out a week of deliveries. The two vegetarian recipes were very delicious! And I have access to other recipes online – one of the dishes was a rice dish with apple, sweet potato, avocado, and a creme fraiche (pictured with the slice of homemade rye bread). The other dinner I made was a kale-based stir fry with garbanzo beans, red onion with crispy pita chips. It was interesting learning new recipes and sauces that I hadn’t used before!

I am definitely more inspired to cook and bake often 🙂 After work, it can be hard to find the energy, but I know when I do, my tummy will be satisfied and my brain will be using more creativity.

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